What makes an Alignment so effective?

What I can help you do, with my alignment and sports massage work, is to naturally put your body and mind back into it’s most favorable state so that the healing energy and wisdom of the body can do what it knows to do and wants to do but couldn’t do because it was suffering from the deleterious affects of stress; for example biomechanical imbalances, aches, pains, numbness, stiffness, mental duress, functional disorders.

The alignment works and it often works wonders, even after other healing arts may have failed! It does this not only because of the unique way that I recognize how stress taxes the body, mind and spirit; but also because of my innovative treatment process.

My alignment process is totally unique and not found in any other healing discipline. It is even different than what every other chiropractor in the area is offering! It is entirely unique and different than medicine, acupuncture, physical therapy, osteopathy, craniopathy, massage therapy, reflexology, or applied kinesiology! I am the only doctor in the tri-state area who offers this amazing work!

The application of the alignment is difficult to describe in words because it is so unlike any other healing art. It truly has to be experienced to be fully understood. After a consultation and exam to see how stress is harming you, the alignment is performed.

It involves no hard or fast twisting of the neck. The intent is not to crack or pop bones in your back either. The alignment is gentle and safe for all ages of people. Although it only takes a few moments to perform, it’s effects are impressive.

The intent of the alignment is really two fold. The primary focus of the alignment is to reduce stress on the mind and spirit by promoting proper neurological communication.

After receiving the alignment people report feeling relaxed, peaceful, less stressed, and more inner actualized as opposed to being outer reactive.

They report feeling more positive, more compassion for others, more alive, awake and aware as a result of this amazing technique.

An interesting aspect of this technique is that it promotes a state of consciousness or brain wave frequency called the alpha wave. Of all of the brain waves; alpha, beta, theta and delta, the alpha state (7.83mhz) is the most healing and peaceful state to be in. Science has shown that when you are functioning with this brain wave frequency you tend to feel all of the above mentioned pleasant emotions more readily.

The secondary focus of the alignment is to restore proper body biomechanics and spinal alignment. This benefit leads people to report a reduction of the aches and pains that affect most of us. Things such as pain of the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, bulging discs, headaches, shooting pains and numbness have all been drastically helped even after many other traditional forms of care have fallen short.

The Alignment works and it often works wonder!